Why No Buts?

In December 2012, I set off on a three-month independent trip around Latin America and never quite made it back. I’ve been living in Argentina, a country I didn’t even plan on visiting,  since March 2013 and have accomplished a number of things that I could never have predicted. Without wanting to sound cheesy and annoying, I can hands down say that embarking on this ever-evolving journey was the best decision of my life, and the purpose of this blog is not to show off or make you jealous, but to write articles based on my experiences that will hopefully encourage you to do the same. Got that burning desire to travel BUT are afraid of losing your job/ breaking up with your other half/ missing your sister/dad/pet goldfish? Leave the buts behind and get out there while you can!

UPDATE: As of August 8th, I will be living in the UK once again!


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