Why No Buts?

In December 2012, I set off on a three-month independent trip around Latin America and never quite made it back. I’ve been living in Argentina, a country I didn’t even plan on visiting,  since March 2013 and have accomplished a number of things that I could never have predicted. Without wanting to sound cheesy and annoying, I can hands down say that embarking on this ever-evolving journey was the best decision of my life, and the purpose of this blog is not to show off or make you jealous, but to write articles based on my experiences that will hopefully encourage you to do the same. Got that burning desire to travel BUT are afraid of losing your job/ breaking up with your other half/ missing your sister/dad/pet goldfish? Leave the buts behind and get out there while you can!

UPDATE: As of August 8th, I will be living in the UK once again!


2 thoughts on “Why No Buts?

  1. Hi.

    My name is Jim and I am one of the owners of the Ginger Monkey, I have been reading and enjoying your blog and was touched by your lovely words that you said about us.  It is so nice to when I hear that guests are getting the experience out of the place that we wanted them to get when me and my mate Richie set it up 10 years ago.  

    We are in the process of putting together a website which hosts bloggers, vlogs and up to date unbiased opinions and recommendations for our 5 close by  surrounding cities, Prague, Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, and Bratislava.  It is called Wallys World tour.  The idea is for the travel community to share tips, experiences and recommendations without business getting involved and promoting themselves.

    I wondered if you would like to be hosted on the site,  we would just put you on the relevant page with an extract from your blog and a link to your blog page so the reader can continue reading from your page.  All work is accredited very clearly to the writer as you will see on the site. You would then also be put on the Authors Bloggers page with a nice smily face picture.  I am hoping it will become a nice tool for out guests to use when leaving and for others to use when coming to us.  Please take a look at the site of what has been put up so far, we have a bit for Prague, Vienna, Krakow and Kosice and Budapest.

    Happy travels.



    • Hi Jim!

      Thanks for your message 😊

      I would love to be hosted on the site, feel free to go ahead and put an extract of my blog up there. Do you need me to send you a picture then? What is your email?

      Thanks a lot,


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