A Serendipitous Weekend Away

One of the beautiful delta islands

One of Tigre’s beautiful delta islands

As it’s so humid during the summer months, the city of Buenos Aires becomes a pretty unpleasant place to spend much time in, so many people escape to the coast or visit nearby towns in the provinces. A popular choice of destination is Tigre, for although the town is nothing to write home about, lining the delta are a number of beautiful, tranquil islands where you can pay to spend a day or camp overnight. As usual, I wasn’t very organized and didn’t do any prior research into camping, so was fairly shocked when we were told it would cost AR$170 per person for one night, which was far more than we’d expected (or brought along with us). Needless to say, we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find an alternative and by the evening, we were on a bus heading to a different town where we’d heard that camping was cheaper. There was a clear reason for that though; the campsite was right in the middle of the ghetto and, after a random woman on the bus overheard us discussing our plans, she urged us not to go unless we wanted to get robbed. With that, we simply got off the bus and returned to where we’d started.

Matilda Cocina Casera: home-turned restaurant

Matilda Cocina Casera: home-turned restaurant

After a few beers, the patch of grass we’d been lying on beside the riverbank began to seem like the most appealing place to spend the night, so we took off our shoes, laid a blanket on the ground and gradually dozed off. We managed to get about three hours of sleep before the police came and insisted we move on, so we did- to the plaza just across the street. After another two hours, they returned and explained to us in rather impatient tones that they didn’t want to catch us sleeping outdoors again. By that stage it was 7am, so we just decided to stay awake and pay for day access to one of the islands. We were obviously still half-asleep though, for we managed to miss our stop on the boat and after forty minutes were told we’d have to get off and wait for one going back in the opposite direction. The stop we disembarked at was for a tiny island owned by a man who’d transformed his house into a delightful restaurant, and who allowed us lie back in his hammocks and listen to music in return for a few swigs of Quilmes. We ended up spending most of the day on this island, enjoying the peace and quiet, the lovely views over the delta and the strange little furry caterpillars, who were pretty much all we had for company.

Enjoying our (practically) private island

Enjoying our (practically) private island

Eventually a boat arrived and we reluctantly hopped on it to return to Tigre, passing the island we’d intended to visit initially and thanking our luck that we’d missed the stop; it was jam-packed full of people and didn’t look nearly as nice as our spot! Next time we’ll be sure to take a few extra pesos along with us so we can buy lunch at Matilda Cocina Casera and spend the entire day there.


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