Drinking Mushroom Tea in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Villa de Levya

The town of Villa de Leyva

While staying in Bogota, two girls from my hostel and I decided to go to Villa de Leyva, a delightful little colonial town just three hours away, so that we could get out of the city for a while.  Admittedly that wasn’t our only reason for making the trip; we’d heard that Villa de Leyva was famous for a particular type of magic mushroom, which we thought we’d managed to locate on our first day, however as we weren’t convinced, we decided to do a bit of online research. Almost instantly we stumbled upon a blog post written about Villa de Leyva from 2009, in which the blogger mentioned a man named Andres and provided a number should we need a “source of info”. We each exchanged glances before deciding to go ahead and give him a call.

Villa de Levya countryside

Exploring the Colombian countryside

Amazingly, that one phone call led to four wonderful days which were spent with Andres and his friends in an extremely beautiful remote spot in the Colombian countryside. As it transpired, we’d picked dodgy mushrooms but Andres had some of his own, which he offered to share with us (hooray!) That first evening, he took us to some natural hot springs all lit up by candles, before inviting us to his house where we made spaghetti and smoked endless joints until tiredness eventually got the better of us and we dozed off. The following day was spent meeting the locals and exploring our peaceful surroundings, before settling down to sample the shrooms. Andres prepared a camp fire and a large pot of mushroom tea, which was accompanied by panela, fruit and chocolate, then filled two cups and passed them round the circle. As evening approached, we left to take a walk down by the river and watch the sunset.  I stood still in the water for what must have been a good twenty minutes simply staring in awe at the colourful plants along the riverbank which appeared to glow, unaware of the other people or of any sound. Once it was dark, we made another camp fire, poured ourselves more tea and chatted into the night as tiny fireflies flitted back and forth illuminating the black skies.

Magic Mushroom Moment

High on mushrooms in the river


7 thoughts on “Drinking Mushroom Tea in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

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  3. Hey! I read your post on villa DE Leyva and enjoyed it very much. I was wondering if it is possible to get the number of this Andres, as I will be in Bogota in a few days and would love to get in touch with him!
    Thank you in advance

    • Hey Nic! I no longer have his number unfortunately 😦 it was on that blog post but the link appears to have expired… he’s a tour guide though, so you may be able to find him by contacting the tour companies in Villa de Leyva (there aren’t many). Good luck and enjoy! I’m jealous, wish I could join you, haha

      • Hey im native from Villa de leyva and im guide for those people that dont know the places and how to do the Salvia trip i will leave py iPhone number if somo one want to do psilocibe mashroom trip 300 328 95 91 Pepe

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