Friendly Faces in Colombia

High up in the mountains of Medellin

High up in the mountains of Medellin

My time in Colombia was brief but certainly very sweet. From admiring street art on the buildings in Bogotá, to embracing the peace and beauty in the colonial town of Villa de Leyva, to endless partying in Medellin, every minute of my time there was well spent. Although the country has many positive qualities, and I could provide endless reasons to go, the thing that impressed me most about Colombia was how friendly and open the people are there. Having woken up unusually early one morning, I decided to visit a café just around the corner from my hostel in Medellin, where I sat writing in my journal whilst eating breakfast. After a few minutes, the guy on the table next to me asked what I was doing and we began chatting. His name was Jerry, he owned a diamond company and what sounded like a pretty plush apartment overlooking the city. I was eager to accept when he asked if I’d like to see this apartment, but felt nervous at the prospect of going to a stranger’s house alone, so I returned to the hostel, dragged my friend Will out of bed and took him along with me.

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2 thoughts on “Friendly Faces in Colombia

  1. I am here now and you are so right. Everyone I have met so far has given me apresent – and the kind
    You would get for yourself I can’t get. The rest of your article will try from a computer thanksFor commenting and info!

    • Hey, lucky you, I’m jealous- would love to be back in Colombia right now! Whereabouts are you exactly? Have a great time and enjoy the wonderful people there. Looking forward to hearing your stories!

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