Slow Cooked in Italy

If you thrive off the fast-paced, high-pressured lifestyle which most big cities subject you to, then don’t even think about living in Italy; a country where the trains never run on time, shop owners enjoy three-hour lunch breaks, places close without warning and every meal is slow cooked certainly isn’t for everyone. It took me a while to adapt too, for I was initially impatient and irritated at the amount of time I felt I was wasting there, but then I gradually began to embrace what I like to call the ‘slow cooked’ way of living.

The view from above in Firenze

The view from above in Firenze

There were so many occasions during my stay in Italy where time would simply pass by without me being aware: slurping away on a Spritz and nibbling aperitivi in bars with friends, ambling along cobbled stone streets, enjoying a freshly baked pizza while watching the sun go down, practicing the language with strangers on rickety trains, sitting in the plaza and admiring handsome Italian men on the street behind a pair of shades… the list goes on and on. The place I spent the most time, however, was on the balcony of my very own apartment, where I would sunbathe and gaze out over the mountains while conversing in Italian with my dear old housemate, Tullio. Tullio is one of the kindest and most amazing people I’ve ever met, he taught me so much as well as helped me improve my Italian a great deal, and we always seemed to have plenty to talk about. We passed endless periods of time out there and, whereas it may not seem particularly exotic, when you have exceptional views and company, you really don’t feel the need to stray very far from your own living space.

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